Don't quit, don't lose you sh*t... just recalibrate.

As the Coronavirus is sweeping through causing panic it has also caused our world to be still. As people stay home they are liberated from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This pivotal epidemic has forced some of us to wine down, unplug, and disconnect from worldly distractions. On the flip side, it has forced others to panic, dread living expenses, and worry about the future of business operations. I have personally been caught in the middle. I have taken this time to worry about my small business and its consumers but I have also taken this time to pray, meditate, and to meet my shadows. My anxiety about my business and other small businesses during this time has rattled my spirit. This time of crisis has made me question the safety of others and myself, the future, and all the plans I thought I had arranged. They say, "if you wanna make God laugh... make plans." And with that

particular ideal in mind, I decided to shift my focus.

Maybe God is forcing us all the recalibrate. After all, breakdowns create breakthroughs. I don't know about you but I don't want a smooth sailing life or career. Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. This pandemic has forced us all to snap out of our everyday routines so maybe we can snap back into them - refreshed, refocused, and recalibrated. Cultivating a healthy self-image is about taking control of the narrative and what we tell ourselves. So if this quarantine has shaken up your routine or dismantled your plans... I'm here to remind you to laugh and be still.

Now what? Recalibrate. You may have realized during this period that you dislike your job. That's okay. Hate your work and start over. Be better. Do not romanticize the idea of "overnight success." It takes time to grow organically. You may have realized during this period that you need to stop taking the little things for granted. For instance, a handshake with a stranger, a crowded theater, or a trip with your friends. That's okay too. When this ends, cherish those moments and never forget how it feels to have them taken from you. You may have realized during this time that you need a better financial plan in case of emergencies. It will be alright! Simply, devote time to financial planning. Make a plan to save for rainy days and stick to that plan. Struggle oftentimes creates the best parts of us. Our struggles make us beautiful. Now go, dig deep, and recalibrate.


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