Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Success and creativity feed off of our environment and mindset: the things we see, hear, and feel around us while we work are incredibly impactful as they influence our mood, creativity, and focus. For many, fear directly affect one’s ability to create and execute. Today, Unruly's Creator & Cultivator explores the topic of fear and what success looks like for her. Follow us as we highlight the Boss Babe we admire and the mental space she works in.

Aaliyah we already know all about you and your backstory from our Creator & Cultivator page so let's dive right in. You've accomplished so much at such a young age... do you ever get scared?

I often ask myself "Are you scared?" A lot of times I am afraid to move into uncharted territory but the important act is to identify my fear and get rid of it. That's when I decided to speak things into existence. I speak what I want to see. So I started talking about business and I started speaking about opportunity, progress and optimism and I saw those things come back to me. I make a conscious effort to not allow fear to stop me from becoming who I am suppose to become. I will never be discouraged for it is all progress. I will forever be amazed that I can make money off of my dreams and passions. I am okay as long as I continue to make progress. I remind myself that I am on no ones timetable and I will continue to flip my business until it grows. I constantly try to remain with a zoomed out approach and see things from the top to below. This mindset allows me to eliminate my fears and jump over any obstacle.

What tools did you find helpful as Unruly began to grow and how did you preserve when challenges arose?

I had to embrace my own grace. No matter what challenges arose I remind myself that life obstacles are not personal. Life is going to run me down and beat me up but so will failure and contentment. Along the way, I remember to stay in love with myself. I must look myself in the mirror and see a person of true faith, integrity, and respect. This level of self-esteem is my key to being indestructible. My self love will remind the flowers in my heart why the rain was necessary and with that in mind I can face any challenge.

What advice would you give other young women who are wanting to start a company? 

Know that the moment you decide to start a business the price on your energy goes up. The time once spent on meaningless affairs is way more expensive now. Starting a company forces you to mentally elevate. You will no longer be able to afford petty conversations or spiteful feuds. The price it cost to take you away from anything destined to grow you is simply not worth the expense. The meal ticket price it cost to sit at any table that nurtures envy, self-pity, self-doubt, or self-loathing is no longer available for you to purchase. Remember that the world will not favor elevation. Starting a company requires you to personally evolve and evolving is an expensive gift to yourself. To purchase it will require discomfort, isolation, tenacity and a little insanity... so I guess my advice would be to protect your energy at all cost.


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