After dropping out of college with a 4.0 GPA, Aaliyah Taylor proved to have an uncanny ability to hustle and be innovative. In just two years, Aaliyah grew from servicing a handful of women in her apartment to servicing hundreds of women a year. She became the queen of bombshell and business savvy by redefining the self-care experience with Unruly Beauty Bar

Women come to Unruly Beauty to indulge in self-care services like the "Wine Down" lash extension set and to engage in the photo-friendly decor. The space is designed to put its visitors at ease. Aaliyah led the unique design of the space by incorporating social media trigger points that encourage visitors to post on social media, hashtag, and subconsciously inspire. 

Aaliyah credits the selfless women in her life for equipping her with a deep arsenal of ambition and a healthy sense of self. By being authentic to herself and her customers she modernized the self-care experience. With a prolific leader, social appeal, and growing success rates, Unruly Beauty continues to broaden its horizons and reach new heights!

Welcome to a self-care destination for women. Unruly is not your typical Beauty Bar.


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