Our agenda is simple. To empower women to create a kick-ass brand, become Artists they can be proud of, and transition into savvy business owners. This two-day academy provides an immersive program that is surefire to push you into an adventageous profession to work a unique schedule and charge market prices. In a revolutionary way, Unruly encourages you to live boldly – and it starts from the second you register


Classic Symposium: $850.00 

Classic Symposium Deposit: $150.00  

Volume Masterclass: $1,000.00  

Volume Masterclass Deposit: $150.00  

why unruly university?





We live by the Unruly Oath! Unruly vows to create a setting where upcoming Artist learn from experienced educators and successful business owners. These women are hand selected to provide you with fundamental knowledge. Check out the Our Story Page to meet them.

Welcome to Unruly Delta Kappa! Running a lash business can be isolating, but we don’t believe it should be. Unruly believes when we support each other we improve our industry, our knowledge, and ourselves. You’re joining a sisterhood! Unruly maintains an interactive student portal for all of its graduates to share, connect, and push the status quo.




The clock never strikes with Unruly! Time is valuable and Unruly understands that everyone learns at a different pace. That’s why students in our University are trained independently and given two consecutive days of education and continuous mentorship. So you can rewind, pause, or accelerate your education as you see fit. 





Welcome to the top floor of beauty with the Unruly standard! Many lashing workshops offer certification to students regardless of their skill level, but we believe education is earned not bought. Students will earn their Unruly Certification not just by completing Unruly University, but also by demonstrating superb sanitation, clean lashing, and safe practices. Every Artist will have their work assessed by one of our Unruly Pro Artist and must meet the qualifications Unruly believes should be standard in the Lash Industry. 


The Unruly University Volume Masterclass is an advanced training that introduces Artist to Volume lashing. During this training, we will teach the Unruly Volume technique. This technique, is great for fluffy lashes. During this training, we will work on 0.03mm Silk and Cashmere lashes.

It is very important for students to understand that practice after training is required. During this training, you will receive a highlight of what and how you should be practicing. However, performance of each student is relative to their dedicated practice.

This is an advanced class. Lash extensions basics will be explained briefly. With this technique, you will be able to shorten your work time and deliver more volume. You will also learn tips and tricks from our Master and Pro trainers. Volume is an advanced technique and we require students to be experienced with classic lashes in order to take this training. Your classic lash set should not take longer than 60 minutes with 100% coverage.



The Course Includes:

  • Online Student Portal Access

  • In-Depth Online Workbook

  • Interactive Exercises 

  • Model Practice

  • Certification (Upon Graduation)

  • Unruly Portal Membership

  • Artistry Kit 

  • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth

  • Product and Tool Expertise

  • Top Tweezer Practices

  • Classic Lash Application Method

  • Isolation Techniques

  • Eye Taping

  • Adhesive Safety

  • Preparation Before Appointments

  • Reactions and Sensitivities

  • Client Consultation

  • Proper Hygiene and Safety

  • When Not To Lash

  • Advanced Lash Styles

  • Maintaining Healthy Lashes

  • Aftercare Techniques

  • Proper Lash Curl, Length and Diameter

  • Classic Lash Fills

  • Lash Removal

  • Client Retention and Pricing

  • Marketing and Social Media


Unruly University’s Classic Symposium starts with the basics. This two-day, intense workshop will submerge you in the art of Classic Lashing. During this training aspects of theory and skill will collide to demonstrate application. Unruly University offers an immersive hands on experience, after which you will have an opportunity to pursue lash excellence.  


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